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On Thursday, Barrow, a former businessman and real estate developer, was sworn into office at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar as hundreds of exiled Gambians cheered and waved flags outside.

While mediators led by Nigerian leader, Muhammadu Buhari, were making attempts to convince Jammeh to accept defeat and hand over power to Barrow, Nigeria's House Of Representatives pushed forward a request to the President. Jammeh lost the support of Gambia's military during the stand-off, but was reportedly surrounded by mercenaries in a heavily fortified compound. Jammeh became the leader of the West African nation 22 years ago after staging a coup, and had vowed he would rule for "a billion years". "We don't consider it legally binding on us".

"We also echo President Barrow's call for Gambians to unite and work together as brothers and sisters for the future of The Gambia".

"I was very shocked to learn from Facebook that the document we had rejected was already posted at the websites of both ECOWAS and the AU [African Union]". The AU and Ecowas have pledged to withdraw their recognition of Jammeh as president as from yesterday.

"This declaration was signed by no one", he added.

Human rights lawyer Reed Brody told The Associated Press that the deal doesn't give Jammeh amnesty.

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The standoff caused neighbouring countries in West Africa to send in troops, threatening to remove Jammeh from office by force if he didn't budge.

In his inaugural address, Barrow vowed "a new start" for Gambia promised to expand the country's democratic gains.

But a top Barrow adviser, Mai Ahmad Fatty, said the declaration did not have the new leader's approval.

Gambia defense chief Ousmane Badjie said the military welcomed "wholeheartedly" the regional force assembled by ECOWAS.

Famously mercurial, Jammeh initially shocked Gambians by conceding his election loss to Barrow in December. With proper orders, he said, he would open the doors to the notorious prisons where rights groups say many who have disappeared over the years may be kept. "I have the Quran with me". Jammeh rebuffed the outcomes of the polls and called for repeating the elections, which led to worldwide condemnation, translated into a resolution of the UN Security Council, strong criticism of the AU and Cedeao, mediation of regional leaders and the entry of foreign troops stemming from Nigeria and neighboring Senegal.

Barrow also has said he would prioritize reviving the stagnant economy of the tiny West African country, which has a population of 1.9 million.