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The "Blueprint to Rebuild America's Infrastructure and Create 15 Million Jobs" released on Tuesday is short on details, but states that the $75 billion for USA public schools would create 975,000 jobs and create a "State-of-the-Art Environment" for students. The top funding priorities include the revitalization of bus and train infrastructure ($180 billion), widescale water and sewer upgrades ($110 billion), bridges and road repairs ($100 billion), downtown revitalization projects ($100 billion) and green energy investment ($100 billion).

"From our largest cities to our smallest towns, communities across the country are struggling to meet the challenges of aging infrastructure", Senator Chuck Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader, will say.

Democrats hope this plan will serve not only as a bridge to Trump - who pledged a similar $1 trillion in infrastructure investment during the campaign - but also to the party's historical base of blue-collar voters, who may have felt alienated during the 2016 election. "During his campaign, President Trump talked often about a big and bold infrastructure package".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said to reporters Tuesday that the infrastructure plan "is something that we will figure out in our spring budget".

He added that Trump "seems open to a bill that's this large" after some discussion with congressional leaders at the White House on Monday.

Neither side revealed specifics about how they plan to fund their plans.

On infrastructure in particular there are differences between Republicans and Trump, who throughout his campaign called for massive infrastructure spending.

Some Republicans and Trump allies have proposed tax credits to lure businesses to do the work.

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$200 billion for "vital infrastructure projects".

Trump is attempting to ease some of Republicans' concerns by pushing their favored strategy to put private companies in charge of transportation projects instead of the federal government. So far there are three under President Trump. Brown represents OH, a manufacturing state where Trump won by eight percentage points, asked in an open letter to the President to commit to Buy America rules.

"That is something that Congressional Democrats have sought for years but Congressional Republicans have stymied us at every turn".

Schumer told The Post last October that as a Senate leader, one of his primary home-state issues would be to find ways to direct federal transportation dollars to the NY metropolitan region.

Incoming Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has said it's time to "unleash the potential" of private capital to modernize that infrastructure. "McConnell made the important point it needs to be paid for because we've got $20 trillion in debt", Sen.

Trump would need Democratic support to pass an infrastructure program, Schuster said.

Senate Democrats have unveiled Stimulus 2.0.

Pensec said that whatever final form legislation takes to fix and enhance water infrastructure, one common denominator crosses party lines: "Everyone is committed to making sure that people have access to safe, clean drinking water", he added.