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Google are making the changes to improve security and ensure that.js files are not used maliciously.

Google just made a new announcement that will affect everyone who is fond of JavaScript Gmail attachments.

As reported by Android Police, JavaScript joins.exe, .bat, and.msc as file types that are restricted from being shared as a direct attachment on Gmail.

Hackers have started to use this kind of files to send malware and other potentially unsafe software hidden beneath it.

The company explains that, if you need to send a.js file for legitimate reasons, you can use Google Drive, Google Could Storage, or any other cloud storage platform to do so.

Autopilot update might require a visit to Tesla service center
For now this won't kick in Automatic Emergency Braking, or AEB, so the drivers are still required to act upon this warnings. The only thing that being a Tesla owner will be required for you to is to take your auto to the Tesla technicians.

If you try to send a Javascript attachment after February 13, you will get a response saying the message is blocked for security reasons.

When users upload a file that is banned in Gmail, they will be warned that the attachment is blocked for security reasons. Google also blocks archives whose listed file content is password protected or whose content includes a password protected archive.

In JavaScript's case, the reason is simple: It has become just too unsafe for its right, or at least enough to be a persistent issue noticeable by Google engineers and consumers alike.

Google stated that if someone needed to send someone else a JavaScript file with good reason, then Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive or similar solutions could be used.

It's unclear Google will also show a warning when users receive emails with JS files attached. This move by Google should prevent at least some instances of that happening, so this is a case of Google protecting Gmail users from themselves.