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These were sold at a price of about $3 million, along with these 9 other Veneno Roadsters which are gone for $4.5 million are recalled as well.

If you own a Lamborghini Aventador, especially one with an aftermarket exhaust (we all own one, right?), you might want to read this. This recall includes Aventador-based special edition models, like the Superveloce, as well as the one-off Veneno, of which only 12 exist.

Lamborghini has announced the worldwide recall of about 5,900 Aventador models, including ultra-exclusive offshoots like the Veneo coupe and roadster, due to a fire risk related to the supercar's fuel system.

The automaker says fuel can reach the purge valves and cause the valves to malfunction, causing a warning light to illuminate.

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The recalled cheese was sold in stores from November 10, 2016 to February 9, 2017. There have been no confirmed illnesses linked with the Sargento products.

The reason of recall being told by the auto maker is described as the potential of the engine to catch fire due to a problem in its fuel system.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't fire a large part of the appeal that makes people buy a Lamborghini in the first place?

In this recall, all Venenos and around 1,500 Aventadors in the United States are said to be at risk. This is worsened in case of winter fuel usage. With not properly treated fuel vapour, particular manoeuvres, as example engine over-revving at idle, could imply impact contact between fuel vapour and hot gases. All owners of vehicles affected will be notified by certified mail and should expect to meet with their local dealership in the near future. This can lead on to the vapors of auto to contact hot gasses that can eventually cause fire in the vehicle. The EVAP system will then be upgraded free of charge.