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It seems like hard times are hitting Melania Trump as she struggles to take on her new role as First Lady.

She's also facing more scrutiny because she's been remaining in Trump Tower in New York City until Barron finishes his school year (at a substantial cost to US taxpayers). "It was Donald's", says Phillip Bloch, a stylist for and friend of The Trumps. "It was Donald's" and "Truthfully, it's a lot to cope with". "It has only been a short time since the inauguration and the first lady is going to go about her role in a pragmatic and thoughtful way that is unique and authentic to her".

Though Trump didn't make it clear what he was referring to, Melania Trump recently settled a defamation suit against a Maryland blogger who had claimed she worked for an escort service in the 1990s and had a "nervous breakdown" during last year's campaign.

As our sister site, WWD, previously reported, Mordechai Alvow has been behind all of Melania's hair looks for nearly 10 years, so we have a feeling he had a part in this makeover as well.

And then there's Melania's accent, with the former model, despite her fluency in five languages, extremely conscious of her heavy native Slovenian accent.

This has led to speculation that she isn't that interested in pursuing the traditional first lady role, which tends to involve coordinating social events, charities and programs. An accent that has seen her 'skeeeeweeered on ze late night talq zhows'.

More than an hour into a raucous White House news conference, President Donald Trump was asked a personal question about his wife, Melania Trump.

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After school, they both stay in, with Barron doing his homework and watching cartoons, U.S. said.

Trump was nevertheless reluctant to do so, even refusing to accompany the wife of Japanese Prime Minister, Akie Abe, on a tour of the Capitol typically hosted by the First Lady.

As well as managing hospitality in the White House, Melania has been keen to underline her design credentials.

Nevertheless sources say even that was a struggle and a chore.

"Don't let her smile fool you", the family source said.

"Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up", a family source said.

Sure! I mean, who even knows, really.