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A bull is now a worldwide celebrity after running through the streets of New York Tuesday before eventually being captured.

Authorities started trying to round him up just before 11 in the morning.

Finally, more than an hour later, police cornered the bull again and sedated it.

Stunned residents saw the cow galloping down Archer Ave. and Sutphin Blvd.at about 10:30 a.m., police sources said.

Police chased the bull for almost three hours, as the animal dodged officers and managed to make its way around police tape. The cow was captured and was later named Freddie after ending up at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, N.J.

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The station reported that the bull legs were tied together to stop it from mounting another escape.

NYPD officials confirmed to NBC New York died hours after his capture.

City officials told WNBC that the bull died at some point before 2:30pm, almost three hours after it escaped a Beaver Road slaughterhouse.

The New York Post said the bull was shot with at least five tranquilizer darts by police before it died.

The freedom-seeking bull was taken to an Animal Care Centers of NYC facility on Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn.