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All told, researchers scattered ten devices throughout the room and each received power in any position or orientation.

While there's been no shortage of attempts to incorporate wireless power transmission technology into our furniture, garages and living rooms, reality has not quite caught up with the futuristic ideals of untethered wireless freedom. "Ultimately this unexplored form of wireless power offers a seamless charging experience when entering a QSCR enabled space as easily as data is transfer [sic] through the air", the authors write. Yep, scientists at a branch of the Walt Disney Company called Disney Research have found a way to charge devices on a room-scale without using any wires.

Quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR) involves inducing electrical currents through the walls, ceiling and floor of a room which then generates a magnetic field that can power several mobile phones, fans and lights simultaneously.

More worryingly for homeowners is the garish copper pipe running from ceiling to floor bang in the middle of the room, which you shouldn't stand too close to or it could be hazardous.

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"Our simulations show we can transmit 1.9 kilowatts of power while meeting federal safety guidelines", Matthew Chabalko, associate research scientist at Disney Research in Pittsburgh, said. In its center was a copper tube between the floor and the ceiling, with a current running through it. Following this, uniform magnetic fields are generated and these permeate the room's interior. The researchers were able to deliver about 1,900 watts with an efficiency of 40 to 95 percent. The in-pipe capacitors manage the electromagnetic frequency, lowering it until the electric and magnetic fields are separated.

There are a couple of issues, though. Likewise, one could imagine Disney's parks one day being populated by free-roaming Audio-Animatronics figures, able to run throughout the day via wireless power sources. "By coupling a coil receiver to the magnetic field, power can be provided almost anywhere in the room", the team explains in the video above, adding that the "inclusion of doors, windows, and furniture does not significantly impact power transfer". The 1900 watts of power is still within the Federal Guidelines for Specific absorption Rate (SAR) or the measure of energy that can safely be absorbed by the human body and anything higher can be deemed risky. The thing is, the devices in the room need to be using that energy or it could become a hazard.

Otherwise, sign us up.