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Lewis had no problems with putting Browne out as many people believed referee Mario Yamasaki waited a bit too long to call an end to the fight.

Lewis has proved to be a savage as he is talking the talk and also walking the walk.

In the post-fight press conference, the "Black Beast", who has a 18-4-0 (1 No Contest) record in MMA, even took the name of Rousey, much to the dismay of the UFC fans and announcers present on the occasion.

In fact it was Lewis throwing a haymaker on the feet that ricocheted off of the top of Browne's head during an exchange later in the round that rattled him before he wobbled and fell to the mat. "I wanted to give him another chance because early in the fight he was getting knocked out standing and he said 'I'm fine, I'm fine, ' and I saw that he was trying to defend himself so I let him continue, and on the ground, it went a little longer".

"Yeah, that was hurting pretty bad, but you know, my main concern was not taking a crap in the middle of the cage, so I just had to take a number two, that's all that was."

Rashford: United will be ready for Chelsea
When I asked Giggs in 2014 what his best-ever game was for United, regardless of result, his response surprised. "No reaction.

"I need a break".

Adding insult to injury like that was enough to make the interview a memorable one, given how fighters rarely use their camera time to say anything more than "Oh, I'll fight whoever Dana White asks me to next". "I don't want to hear nothing about no fighting in the next three months".

All jokes aside, Lewis has quickly become one of the most talked about heavyweights on the UFC roster with a veritable pick of opponents when he returns for his next bout.

Following UFC Fight Night 105 on Sunday night, Derrick Lewis went absolutely ballistic while being interviewed about the battle with Browne.

Considering the kind of knockout power Hunt possesses combined with Lewis' explosive strength, that might be a heavyweight dream matchup come true.