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When these massive cats get together and decide to catch some prey, they're simply vicious.

A streak of Siberian tigers in China turned a drone into a chew toy following an impressive hunt and takedown of the tiny aircraft.

It's an enduring truth we'd all do well to remember - and one that attendants at a tiger enclosure in China's Heilongjiang province have learned all over again. Once they were far enough away to safely do so, staff members of the park in which the tigers are located recovered the drone.

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Furthermore, US military aid and weapons have been used by the Israelis against Palestinians in their territory. Netanyahu also said Israel was pivoting toward Asia "in a very clear and purposeful way".

The drone-chasing exercise is created to turn the tigers into the lean and mean creatures they used to be before they ended up in captivity.

Unlike a bird, the drone started to give off smoke, which scared off the surrounding tigers.

The drone led the tigers through the snow until one managed to land a massive paw on the device and swat it to the ground.