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For you non-comic fans out there, Dick Grayson, the original Robin, went on to become Nightwing in the comics...and he's even had a few stints as Batman as well. Fans consider Nightwing as a great choice for a live-action movie because of his bright nature which will give some lightness to the already dark DC extended universe.

Westen wrote: "Yesterday, I caught the new Lego Batman movie and boy did it disappoint!"

McKay negotiating for a live-action Nightwing movie would seem to confirm that Dick Grayson did indeed have his time fighting alongside Batman in this current universe before growing up and moving on.

While Bruce Wayne has always been a brooding loner as Batman, the Lego Movie's snide representation opened up ways of dealing with those feelings that previous installments have never ventured to, leading to the films interesting overarching plot.

The new Lego Batman Movie has come under fire from Catholic evangelists who have slammed the film as "pro-gay propaganda".

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What "LEGO Batman" lacks in plot is made up by handsome animation. There are a ton of small references to Batman lore and story, too many to pick up on them all in just one viewing.

Warner Bros have produced many DC Comics-based films for the big screen over the years. It'll be exciting to see what the next installment in the franchise will be, as the Lego Batman proved they know how to keep the films distinct while still playing to the strengths of the previous.

The first two acts of the film feel organic and fit together well; however, the third act does get a little insane and feels somewhat rushed due to Lego trying to fit in as many cameos as they can during the film's runtime.

"LEGO Batman" has a insane high concentration of sarcasm which keeps viewers laughing as hard as the Joker himself.

The Lego Batman Movie has been championed by audiences as a reflection of how popular culture actually sees Batman - a self-absorbed, arrogant rich guy - rather than the super-serious DCEU version of the character.