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I don't really care what Raven has to say about Nick on After the Final Rose next week. Eliminated contestant Corinne Olympios seems to be the centre of another controversy as she attempts to walk out and mutters, "Please forgive me!" Cue the montage of Raven skipping around town a satisfied woman. It was reported to happen after filming her hometown date in Miami. It was all Taylor's fault, she insisted, for saying Corinne had a lack of emotional intelligence. They moved on to the dinner/cocktails portion of their date. Will she be able to tell Nick how she feels about him before he sends her home? She asked him if he knows where he stands with her and he said, "not exactly". "Your family's so traditional", he tells her.

Moments after leaving Nick, Rachel ponders an uncertain future looking through the window of her limo.

Rachel then accepts the fantasy suite card, and the couple is so happy about that love revelation that they forget to shut the door. For one, she's very committed to her family and staying in Montreal - and claims that she will not compromise for this.

Nick: I'm very progressive in a lot of ways, but I'm a very proud American. Anyone else wondering, how could this go wrong?! The next day, Rachel and Nick woke up kissing. She's got her own reality dating show to prepare for. Could this date get anymore boring? They met up in a snowy paradise to take an ice bath.

The two run and dip their waists in the icy water, not even fully submerging their bodies. I think that is usually going to happen when you have big personalities. Surprisingly, the two didn't focus on their relationship on the show at all - the discussion was purely on her as the new Bachelorette. He also said that he worries they might be too similar. "We're fighting for a fiancé here, and they're anxious about naps". Both women, however, are strong, feisty, intelligent and attractive. Both felt as if they weren't given a fair shot at love and left the show completely confused. Vanessa told him that she loves him and that she was excited to tell him that. She also brought up Nick moving to Canada.

"Waking up to Nick this morning feels awesome", Rachel explains. By the end of Episode 10, Nick was down to the final two. Poor Rachel was left standing there looking all handsome and poised, yet heartbroken. Nick even said in reply, "Rachel, I am falling for you, like, 100 percent".

Rachel stages a much-needed turtleneck intervention. What's going on inside her head? However, with the recent news that she is to be "The Bachelorette" this summer, this news was not the surprise it might have been to viewers.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard attack vessels force USA ship to change course
The official was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps could not immediately be reached for a comment.

The "Women Tell All" special has always been one of the much-awaited episodes of the hit reality TV show and this year's installment promises to be among the series' most memorable events. "I don't want to come across as this bitter, angry black woman that people seem to think that we are".

After the clips, the girls are all jumping to get a chance to speak about what we just watched.

Liz was the first one up in the hot seat.

As for when Nolan may or may not return to counseling, she says it's all about "timing".

Previewing what to expect from her upcoming season, Lindsay said she hopes what viewers will be tuning in to is the most diverse group of contestants seen since the franchise's 2002 launch.

Facts about Finland: There are more reindeer then people in all of Finland.

At the rose ceremony, Nick broke down crying as he addressed the three remaining women.