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The agency says the new screening procedure is not expected to increase overall airport security delays though TSA pre-check passengers may also receive an enhanced pat-down. Instead of officers choosing who to search more extensively at random checkpoints, more people will be patted down more thoroughly.

While the new pat-down doesn't involve any different areas of the body than were frisked previously, a TSA official told the Post on Monday that the agency has taken steps to make the searches more uniform and thorough.

"I would say people who in the past would have gotten a pat-down that wasn't involved will notice that the (new) pat-down is more involved", TSA spokesman Bruce Anderson told Bloomberg News.

It was a record-breaking week for Transportation Security Administration agents as 79 firearms were recovered in baggage - including 21 in just one day.

Aviation expert Denny Kelly doesn't believe the pat-down is as effective as it could be and said the changes to the procedures comes two years after a report found major security lapses across the country. "This includes head coverings and sensitive areas such as breasts, groin, and the buttocks", according to the TSA website.

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The Bloomberg has reported that in the past, USA airport security workers opt to choose among the five different types of physical pat-downs when screening travelers at the check point.

As if we needed another reason to hate the TSA.

One traveler said, " I guess I'm all for it if it keeps everybody safe".

The TSA won't reveal specific procedures on how its pat-downs are conducted beyond the general information on its web site. Passengers can also request the screening be conducted in a private area and that a witness be present. However, "it changes the kind of pat-down screening those who require one will receive". The agency said it doesn't track how many passengers are subject to pat-down searches.

Susan Dawson, a traveler who flew in to Dallas Love Field Airport from Amarillo isn't fond of the new procedures and is relived to have avoided any further pat-downs. In fact, a successful plot on the TSA's watch would probably only lead to more funding for the agency - as government failures usually do - and even less freedom for travelers.