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For Facebook, that functionality is coming specifically to the Gear VR by way of a new app.

Just don't expect to share your own 360-degree media via the app-Facebook 360 is now limited to viewing photos and videos, sharing them to your own Timeline, and "reacting" to them with one of the network's six canned responses.

In the online video world, all the cool kids are making 360-degree videos, so naturally, the platform known for its cool, artsy videos has chose to get in on the action. For Facebook on the Gear VR, the process is pretty straightforward and includes 360 photos as well. Vimeo has launched Vimeo 360, a new hub that will spotlight 360-degree filmmaking while offering numerous creative resources to its users.

Once you boot up the Facebook 360 app, you'll see a grand total of four different feeds.

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Vimeo's mobile apps also offer support for Google Cardboard-compatible headsets to watch videos with full immersion, and the app is offering offline playback for all 360 content.

Vimeo just added support for 360-degree videos. Vimeo takes care of the rest, allowing you to view 360 videos on a range of VR headsets.

"Vimeo has always been committed to preserving and delivering the highest quality video and our move into 360 expands our premium video technology solution to 360 filmmakers", Vimeo's director of video product Sara Poorsattar said in a statement, as quoted by The Verge. To start, you'll simply click the box that says "This video was recorded in 360" when you begin uploading it and then select whether it's a monoscopic or stereoscopic video from a drop down list. When you're on mobile or on your desktop, you can still view and watch photos and videos in this new format, but it's not as immersive as intended.

The wall of separation between Facebook and Oculus is a pretty murky one.