To date, many of Google's cloud customers have been technology firms, such as social media firm Snap (SNAP), Spotify, Evernote and Zulily.

Among other things, Kaggle lets AI enthusiasts "climb the world's most elite machine learning leaderboards", "explore and analyze a collection of high quality datasets", and "run code in the cloud and receive community feedback on your work", according to the site. Data analytics and machine learning also allow GCP to boost clients' revenue generation and productivity, and Google is also improving customer service.

What's even more interesting is that SAP, as it has worked to move HANA to the public cloud, has mentioned that machine learning and artificial intelligence will be some of its core focuses in that process. During the lengthy keynote section headlined by Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google's cloud efforts, company officials outlined new moves they are making to make machine learning capabilities more widely available on the Google Cloud Platform.

The cloud, to hear Google tell it, is all about attacking the corporate bureaucracy of Fortune 500 companies.

The vendor highlighted its first partners to have achieved the new specialisations - application development, data analytics, machine learning and infrastructure - with Accenture accredited across all four specialisations.

VentureBeat noted that Google's biggest cloud competitors, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, do not now offer this type of API, though similar technologies exist for both image and speech recognition.

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Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of artificial intelligence and machine learning at Google Cloud, came on stage at Google's Next Cloud conference today to talk about the current and next-generation applications of AI that Google's working on.

Rackspace has become the first managed services support partner for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This new API, which is now in Private Beta, employs deep learning and the TensorFlow framework to analyze online videos and pick out pertinent details for tagging purposes.

"Canadians always love to know that their data is still on this soil, especially as there is legislation in the US that allows the government to go into data centres under the Patriot Act", said Roland Gossage, chief executive of the Toronto-based e-commerce provider GroupBy Inc., in an interview. The API can also be used by companies as part of their own video software projects.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that Cloud SQL now supports PostreSQL. For example, you could search for "dogs", "humans running", "birds flying", etc., and the API will return content that contains those entities.

In other words, this is a significant deal for Google as it could allow it to rapidly expand the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform.