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A Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu was diverted Wednesday after a passenger got upset over being charged for a blanket, police said.

Local media reports that, around an hour into the Hawaiian Airlines flight, there was a disagreement between a passenger and the flight crew over the $12 (€11.30) charge for a blanket. The 66-year-old man complained of being cold, asked for a blanket, learned the price, and demanded to talk to the airline's corporate office.

Then, during an in-flight call with an airline representative, the man said he "would like to take someone behind the woodshed for this", Pedregon said.

A flight attendant announced to passengers that the plane had to divert "due to operational reasons" and that law enforcement officers would be boarding the plane upon landing at LAX.

Police released the man after determining there was no criminal threat, and he boarded another flight to Hawaii with a different airline. "Maybe they felt uncomfortable with it, which is well within their rights to divert the plane and refuse service", Pedregon said.

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But not all passengers agreed with the airline's decision.

The original Hawaiian flight did take off again for Honolulu as well, Fox 11 News reported. It landed in Los Angeles at 10:23 a.m.

Speaking with CBS Los Angeles, traveller Eileen Berstrom said the incident was "ridiculous".

Cellphone footage of the incident showed the man saying that all the "illegals" should be kicked off the plane, moments before he and a woman were asked to collect their belongings and exit the aircraft. They chose to land the plane in Los Angeles.