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Science Alert report that Elon Musk open-sourced his idea, which enabled numerous companies and academic research teams to begin working on this project, with all of them in a race to see who could create the world's first viable hyperloop system.

This is exactly why the possibility of a fully functioning Hyperloop that will reduce commuting time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to a mere 12 minutes was welcomed with open arms previous year.

A hyperloop system would involve propelling pods through a large tube at up to 750 miles per hour using magnets.

Hyperloop One's "DevLoop" is a 500-meter full-scale test structure that weights over a thousand tons.

Hyperloop One, one of a few outfits rushing to build Elon Musk's tube transport creation, has had its own share of ups and very unusual downs. Several universities, including MIT, Delft University, and the Technical University of Munich, have created hyperloop concepts, and other companies like Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has even spoken with central European countries, agreeing to build hyperloop systems.

The 500 meter-long DevLoop, which has a diameter of 3.3 meters is located 30 minutes from Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. Public trials are expected to take place this year.

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A similar test had been conducted at the said test site about a year ago but the track was non-existant back then.

"Tying together the Middle East region would produce greater virtual density, without congestion and pollution, spurring innovation, productivity, job growth and more powerful sharing of knowledge, labour and investment".

The benefits of Hyperloop travel include higher safety standards than a passenger jet, construction and maintenance costs which are nearly half that than a high-speed rail and energy usage that is similar to a bicycle per kilogram-kilometer, according to Hyperloop One.

To show how serious it is, Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd accompanied his keynote address at the Middle East Rail conference in Dubai today with images of a full-scale test track in the Nevada desert, along with a few renderings of Hyperloop terminals.

A SUPER-FAST train that could travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just twelve minutes is inching closer to reality.

In addition, to help us better understand and witness the entire length, Hyperloop One has shared a bird's-eye view of the test track as well.