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"A Turkish campaign has no business being here in Germany", de Maiziere told local media.

"It's hard to predict what effect it will have on the referendum", Giray Sadik, associate professor of political science at Ankara's Yildirim Beyazit University, said. He wasn't very visible during the campaign and not very involved.

He said, too, that it was "wrong" for Turkey to send political representatives to the Netherlands in spite the Dutch government's warning that it could inflame tensions.

The Dutch government on withdrew landing permission for the Turkish foreign minister's aircraft earlier on Saturday, escalating a diplomatic dispute between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies over campaigning for a Turkish referendum on constitutional reform.

"We tried to de-escalate the conflict", Rutte said, and added: "We will never ever ever negotiate under threat". He also asked them to cast their votes in the April 16 referendum saying it would be best response to the European nations.

The Council of Europe has 47 members, including the Netherlands and Turkey.

[Dutch prime minister Mark] Rutte told WNL what is crucial now is to de-escalate the situation.

The CHP is campaigning for a "No" vote in the referendum, but Kilicdaroglu said the party would embrace both "Yes" and "No" voters after the poll. That compared with a lead of some 12 seats held by Wilders at the start of the year. Rutte's Labor coalition partner had nine seats.

Erdogan had branded the Netherlands "Nazi remnants, fascists" on Saturday after the Dutch government withdrew permission for his Foreign Minister to land there.

The Turkish prime minister declares that it has no influence on Dutch visitors.

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Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was expelled after being prevented from addressing a rally in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, AFP reported.

Two days ahead ofparliamentary elections, center-right Rutte said that if the Dutch electorate were to embrace Wilders and the PVV, they could trigger a "domino effect" in favor of extreme nationalism.

Alexander Pechtold, the D66 leader, made a plea for calm heads and a return to reason.

"Turkey is one of our allies, one of our neighbors, of the European Union".

"Freedom of expression, movement, freedom of assembly, all of these have been suspended right now", Kaya said.

"It's a insane remark of course", Rutte said.

Ankara has been seeking support from Turkish expats for a constitutional referendum on transition from the existing parliamentary system to an executive presidency.

Mr Rutte also stressed that Dutch officials had earlier discussed whether the planned rally with Mr Cavusoglu could be private and "smaller-scale" and held in a Turkish consulate or embassy.

He accused Mr Rutte of scaremongering over Brexit, saying the United Kingdom was "doing better than the rest", and claimed that Dutch prisoners enjoyed more rights than the elderly population.

"While Erdogan tries to split the country, we're all on the same line here", he said.