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It resulted in one Mass Effect Andromeda review after the other saying that the game's in-game animation failed to live up to its expectations.

Even for those players who did not pre-order the game, the wait is almost over for them as well, as "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is finally set to be officially released in full in North America on March 21.

In this new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, devs explain the tech and how they used it to create the best Mass Effect experience ever. Twitter seems be keeping itself amused right now with all the Mass Effect Andromeda trash talk.

But it looks like Bioware might be set to fix some aspects of the game further down the line.

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As Frazier went on to confirm, additional patches for Mass Effect: Andromeda will begin rolling out over the coming weeks, and those questionable animations will certainly be a high-priority target for the dev team. This may show that the developers have spent more time improving the rest of the game features instead of the characters that players will use. And since then, players have been, reportedly, baffled by the uncanny look of characters. Update 1.03 is similarly focused on improving game performance by getting rid of more previously existing bugs. They will be able to play up to 10 hours of the video game starting on March 16.

It is not long until those who received early copies of Mass Effect Andromeda, from EA and BioWare themselves, brought back the issue again. It ruins the serious tone of atmosphere whenever the main characters are talking to them.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Therefore, those facial animations shall be prevalent in your playthrough.