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The official told CNN that there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding non-stop flights to the US from some specific countries.

The directive is reportedly the result of a security threat and could be announced as soon as Tuesday. It is not clear whether airline staff are also covered by these new restrictions.

There was no immediate explanation for why the airline was taking the action beyond saying it was imposing the ban "following instructions from concerned US departments".

Royal Jordanian published a statement on the matter on its official Twitter account, but then deleted the tweet a short while later.

The ban Royal Jordanian referenced may be part of a larger crackdown by U.S. authorities on electronics devices on flights coming from several countries.

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The airline said that laptops, tablets, DVD players and electronic games must be checked with baggage. BuzzFeed News has reached out to other Middle Eastern and African airlines, and will update this article as responses come in.

The Guardian reported that the the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, which oversees security at airports, distributed a confidential circular Monday to airlines from 13 nations, requiring passengers to check laptops, iPads, Kindles and cameras larger than cell phones.

The ban would involve devices larger than mobile phones.

While CNN said the Department of Homeland Security had no comment, the US State Department had confirmed that relevant countries and airlines were being informed of the device ban. It would affect flights flying into New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal, the tweet said. "However, what seems certain is that Royal Jordanian wasn't misinterpreting some policy, but rather there's some intelligence that's about to change travel for a lot of people".